Thursday, 31 July 2014

... Jiggety jog (#86)

A quick update.

After initial tests for the most nasty forms of viral and bacterial infections came back negative, Albert was discharged from the local hospital early this afternoon. The doctors say we did the right thing. That is, we responded with just the right amount of caution. The symptoms could very well have indicated anything from the beginnings of a serious viral chest infection to another cardiac failure. As it stands he seems well enough today.

The doctors have advised us to reduce the volume of his feeds considerably, and increase the frequency. In other words, give the same amount of food but spread over double the feed times. We have noticed that medical professionals based in hospitals tend to prescribe treatments that would require a small army of nurses working in shifts in order to be carried out effectively. I think the doctor was a little startled at my response when he told me to feed Albert a small amount every two hours, around the clock. I laughed out loud. Since reducing his feeds seems to have been one possible factor in his recovery, however, we will be reducing his feeds and gradually increasing them again while watching his symptoms closely. Once again we begin a delicate balancing game.

Albert himself is relatively unconcerned. Having had a very late night last night he went to sleep early and has been happily snoozing ever since.

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nile said...

How is your son Albert doing? I will remember him specially at mass tomorrow. May the Good Lord...Our Healer make him to grow into a strong and healthy child. AMEN!

(got into your blog searcing for the divine praises!)