Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Elbow room (#83)

Albert seems to have improved slightly. He is not quite as clogged up today and has been responding very positively to the children and his mother all day. In fact, he probably smiled more today than he has all week! He seems much more relaxed and content, cooing away to himself on occasion and enjoying any interaction with his siblings.

Unfortunately I have not yet had a chance to see these smiles, due to the fact that Beatrix (four year old) suffered an injury just before I arrived home and needed to be taken to the hospital. She was fleeing from her nightly bath and was pulled a fraction too hard by a playful sibling and had her elbow pulled out of its joint. She was in a lot of pain on the way to hospital but was very brave and steadfastly held her ground as the doctor popped her elbow back into its proper position. I have seen this particular treatment many times (with Anastasia) but the transformation never ceases to amaze me. Within five minutes she was waving her lollipop at the TV (with her injured arm) telling me all about the show, without the slightest twinge or grimace.

The car can almost find its own way to the hospital now, but it is worth mentioning that the emergency staff at Hornsby were fantastic once again. We have come to know most of them and they always make our visits as smooth as possible.

Nevertheless, I would love to have a month without having to visit them. Or even two weeks? Please?

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chimakuni said...

Oh the joys of parenting! Poor Beatrix ...