Thursday, 31 July 2014

Back in the old room (#85)

Here I am, back in one of Albert's old rooms. The room, in fact, that he was given back in April, to isolate him from other patients when he developed the first symptoms of chickenpox.

Let me reassure you that Albert is presently sleeping and seems to be OK. His visit to the hospital today has been uneventful and he is being kept overnight for observation.

Earlier this week we became concerned that Albert's respiratory rate seemed to have been slightly higher than normal. An additional concern is that the machine that monitors Albert's vital signs overnight gave us two alarms on Monday night. That particular machine only alarms if Albert has not taken a breath for the last 20 seconds. In each case, we were able to quickly apply simple methods to help Albert resume breathing, but the experience of waking to an alarm, and forcing oneself to keep calm enough to remember the correct actions, is not one I recommend. Albert has visited our local doctor almost every other day to check that his lungs were clear and that he seemed in good health generally. Apart from a cough and an occasional sneeze, he has seemed as well as ever.

Today, however, he was puffing like a steam train. He was also sweating, which we have not noticed him do before. He is not running a fever, nor can we detect any sign of infection or disturbance in his lungs, so the cause of the sweating is a mystery. Mysteries are not fun where Albert's health is concerned, so I decided to take him to the hospital for a complete checkup.

I was delighted that Matilda agreed to come to the hospital with me, since Albert has taken quite a shine to her lately. It was to Matilda that Albert, having endured two doctors examinations, a chest X-Ray, a full Electronic Cardiograph (ECG) and approximately half a dozen probes stuck to his skin and later removed, could still give us the cheeky response you see in the picture here.

While all of his test results failed to show anything out of the ordinary, and his general signs are positive, the paediatricians agreed that his respiratory rate was a concern and the doctors are concerned that he may be at the beginning or the end of a viral infection which has not yet revealed itself fully. They admitted Albert to the hospital in order to observe his progress more closely overnight.

So here I sit, on the makeshift chair/bed beside my son's hospital bed once again. This time under much less stressful circumstances than on previous occasions. Nevertheless, your prayers for Albert continue to be very much appreciated.

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chimakuni said...

What a look of love for Matilda!!! I am so glad she was able to accompany you and Albert to the hospital. Poor wee Albert...what a trooper.

Love and continued prayers ...