Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Albert's condition, Day 7

First things first, the platelet transfusion has restored Albert's platelet level to 99, which is about where we need it to be. They will be monitoring him daily to watch for another sudden drop. In the meantime the haematologists are running their tests (I have lost count of how many they told me they were doing) and we should have initial results back in a couple of days.

For anyone attempting to "Dr Google" this one, I can save you a moment of angst. While Leukaemia would indeed cause a drop in platelets, it would also cause a drop in white blood cells. Albert is maintaining a good level of red and white blood cells so it seems that the problem is not Leukaemia.

Albert's breathing has done another 'one step forward, two steps back' routine. He was down to 0.1 litres on the low flow at one stage overnight but, when they attempted to remove the flow altogether he reacted badly and is now back up to 0.3 litres. It seems to be in a holding pattern at present.

Susie was able to give Albert his second attempt at breastfeeding and he seemed much more interested (and awake!) than yesterday, but he is still too weak and confused to manage attachment. Albert is also maintaining his oral feeding level at approximately 20mls. This is good, but we would have loved to see some slow progress in his feeding.

The poor little fellow is battling away with two holes in his heart, without blood platelets and several other conditions being monitored daily. He needs something to budge to give him that edge to start making progress on all the other problems. We are hoping and praying that the haematologist will bring us good news this week.

Of much less importance, but still worth a mention, is the fact that today is the first day that I will not be able to spend at least some time with my newborn son. It was inevitable I guess. My paternity leave was brief to start with and somebody has to pay the bills. I should be clear that my work have been very generous and flexible in allowing me to adjust my work days to keep my teaching load and manage my administration and research load from home on the other days of the week, so that I am able to help at home and see Albert more regularly. It seems like a good plan, and I am very grateful that my work made it possible. But today it hurts. I was in my office at 7:30am and will only be home after 10pm, so I won't see him today. I have another full day tomorrow, but no night class, so I might be able to sneak in to see him later in the evening.

PLEASE NOTE: Susie is safe and well cared for at the moment. In case anyone gets the idea that they can come and bother Susan, even in an attempt to be 'helpful', while I am at work, without checking with me first... did I mention how big Isaak is? Seriously, no matter how helpful or comforting you may be, what Susie needs right now is to not have to go through greeting people, telling the story, reliving the emotions. Right now she needs very much NOT to have to think about it. She needs space to maintain her calm enough to continue her own recovery and keep the breast milk coming. The meals and practical help have been invaluable and delicious! They have been a very important factor in helping us to cope! We have been greatly encouraged by all of your prayers and comments via the blog, Facebook, Twitter and good old fashioned cards! :) Thank you all so very much. It is very difficult to say how much difference such support has made.

Finally, I cannot go another day without saying that our children have been amazing! I wish I had the time to write a whole post on their amazing attitude and contribution. Among many other things, the last time I posted about Isaak defending his mother, David said "Hey, what about me?" I told him he wasn't big to take on a determined visitor yet, so he went and fetched his sword! That's my boy!


PaulQ said...

Peter, your posts are inspiring and beautiful. Thank you for sharing your family's journey with us. May God continue to bless you all - especially little Albert! love and prayers from Canada

eliserio kuan said...

Hi Peter

Thank you for sharing your son's and your families story. I am praying for you, your family and most especially for little Albert.

God bless


eliserio kuan said...

Hi Peter

Thank you for sharing your son's and your families story. I am praying for you, your family and most especially for little Albert.

God bless


pourquoi15 said...

Hi Peter,

My brother was also born with a whole in his heart, but we prayed to St-Joseph and he was cured..

I am praying for your little one. Stay strong in His love, and let His will be done.

God bless.

chimakuni said...

Oh Peter - - I am falling more and more in love with little Albert!!! What a doll baby he is - and how wonderful to read your updates on him.

Indeed, your heart must be torn not to be with him today ... I will pray for your tender father's heart.

I can see your sons battling to protect their mum. You are a good example for your sons, Peter - all of them.

Internet hugs and kisses to you all ...

Leslie Klinger said...

Here's to my new cyber nephew: GO ALBERT! I am asking my Dominican family to pray for him and I pray he is going to be home with all of you soon!